Monday, May 18, 2009

News of this week

Youvea is almost ready for launch. Just a small bug fix in IE 8 (a component of drag and drop which worked without problem for 3 years on IE6 and 7 ... Safari and Firefox - just enough to delay us so.)

The news of the week thus:

* A German version (in beta - not perfect yet - we used Google translate ...) but all the screen frames are OK.

* A short presentation of the service in english, french, spanish and (in beta) in German. You'll find it at the bottom of th pages of Youvea (pages Who are us, Terms and Conditions, Pricing, ...)

* A choice between 360 free different musics. The upload arrive soon, but our target customer base is currently customers wishing no legal problem for their broadcasts.

* And above all, a function that will appeal to many people, an automatic upload function of each video produced, including free videos, toward the main video platforms: Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Myspace, ... 10 platforms currently offered and all the uploads with an alone click (toward your accounts on these platforms ).

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