Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Video editing from photos: 90 seconds free videos on Youvea !

Instead of 30 seconds as previously, our free videos can now run for 90 seconds.
it is more short videos ! Over 80% of videos are less than 90 seconds duration.

Youvea is the only site in the world offering such a length videos.
Youvea, your video creation website, it's really fantastic !

New samples of Youvea musical videos with transparency effects

New samples of musical videos with transparency borders effects, produced on Youvea, the fantastic video creation service.

With the scenario "bound on screen".

With the scenario "Stretch and rotation".

Friday, July 23, 2010

New video scenario on Youvea: Central display photos

New scenario developed for Youvea (online in a few days after some developments)

This scenario defines a central display area on the video screen, and pictures are viewed on this area only.
Around this space, you can display information dynamically, for example texts, ...

On this sample, the effect is accentuated by a background picture, and a wide frame (transparency: 80%) around each picture.

This scenario can be called by Youvea video creation API.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Online video editing from photos on Youvea is fantastic !

Youvea is the best video creation service. Enjoy our videos !

L'aquarium de Nouméa from Youvea on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Youvea exceeds the 2000 videos produced per day

The launching of Youvea was very slow in 2008. The sales accelerated a little after the launching of version 2 (july 2009) and version 3 of the service in September 2009 (with the travelling effects).

The white label offer has for the moment a limited success (6 customers use this service). Our API services truly launched Youvea, with a production multiplied by 5 since January 1st. Over the first 25 days of May, we exceed the 2000 videos per day!
And it's not finished, as 2 great real estate sites are integrating our offer.

What makes the difference compared to the competitors ?
a) The voice,
b) The multicasting with management of the life cycle of the broadcast(we are for the moment the alone service including this offer in the world),
c) 6 differents langages, English accounting for only 2% of our productions (perhaps because of the lack of marketing)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Youvea white label service: Links in 6 langages.

Best wishes for 2010 with Youvea !

You can find here the links by language allowing to offer to your customers, our video production service, customized to your colors.
With our video creations white label, you offer your customers and visitors a service for creating video customized to your colors and your rates. A good way to increase your income, alternative to advertising, with an original service. Especially since 2 of these offers are free, with an implement streamlined and ultra fast.

White label video production in english.
White label video production in french.
White label video production in spanish.
White label video production in german.
White label video production in portugese.
White label video production in italian.