Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Youvea is the startup of the year.

Thanks "Panoramadunet".
To read this post in french, it's here.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Scenarios with voice synthesis and travelling on Youvea

Great news for our online video creation service, with the introduction of 5 new scenarios, all including a voice in speech synthesis.

Youvea is no longer just a musical video production service like Animoto for example, but now can create any type of corporate videos; Voice synthesis has indeed many business use, especially emphasizing advertising.

Below some examples of scenarios with synthesis voice:
* An commented slideshow: A kind of slide with animated frames with one voice for each slide (in french in this exemple).

* A virtual tour (evolved version of the previous scenario, with several images by sequence, and a different voice to each sequence). Of course, you can use this scenario for other use than a virtual tour.

* And, finally, a scenario greeting card, based on a virtual presenter in a lively festive background. Undoubtedly the most original greeting card of the Internet.

Monday, December 7, 2009

New production servers for Youvea

To address the growing burden of our video creation service, Youvea, and also the proliferation of others services that use our platform, we are pleased to announce that Youvea has now switched over to new and more powerful servers.

And as we had not done so, here are the direct paths to access Youvea by 6 languages in which our video creation service is available online.

Youvea in english (default langage if your navigator is in english)
Youvea in french.
Youvea in spanish
Youvea in german
Youvea in portuguese
Youvea in italian.