Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scenarios with swirl special effect

The scenarios swirl effect are, in July, those that are more ordered on Youvea. The swirl effect is here due to a winding of the pixels of each image in one direction or another, according to a random rotation angle, and according to a central point of rotation (random position).

To maximize the visual effect, the swirl effect must be quite long. In the examples below, it takes 2 seconds.

2 samples with images in full screen:

Pending the availability of our expert mode (in 1 month), the settings in this scenario are limited to:
* The duration per picture in the video,
* The duration of transitions between 2 pictures,
* Zoom departure,
* Zoom end.
For simplicity, in the proposed scenarios, we have limited zoom range starting from 40 to 100% (100% corresponding to the display of the image in full screen, and 40% to a photo that takes only 40% of the screen when it is displayed in full). The frame is currently in the middle (center picture).
The end zooms are now configurable from 100 (full-screen picture) to 300% in the center frame (with a zoom of 300%, only the center of the picture is visible and it fills the screen).

These simple parameters can already make very nice visual effects. Then we propose a new scenario baptized "double swirl", which is in fact a little variation of the full screen swirl effect scenario. It's zoom start at 60% and finish at 130%.

Because of a small starting zoom, you can see the transition on the departure picture at the same time as the transition on the next picture. If the 2 rotations are in the opposite direction (the direction and degree of the rotation are random on Youvea for these scenarios) the visual effect on the video will be even more pronounced. Another example with an image as wallpaper for not having a black background:

Encoding on Youtube can give an impression of jerky effects on our zooms. Can be solved by reducing the amplitude of the zoom, or alternatively by increasing the duration of the photo.
All these parameters (duration per picture or transition, zoom start and zoom endstop) are available in the tab selection "scenario", after choosing the desired swirl scenario, by clicking on the button "Setting this scenario."

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