Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Scenarios with voice synthesis and travelling on Youvea

Great news for our online video creation service, with the introduction of 5 new scenarios, all including a voice in speech synthesis.

Youvea is no longer just a musical video production service like Animoto for example, but now can create any type of corporate videos; Voice synthesis has indeed many business use, especially emphasizing advertising.

Below some examples of scenarios with synthesis voice:
* An commented slideshow: A kind of slide with animated frames with one voice for each slide (in french in this exemple).

* A virtual tour (evolved version of the previous scenario, with several images by sequence, and a different voice to each sequence). Of course, you can use this scenario for other use than a virtual tour.

* And, finally, a scenario greeting card, based on a virtual presenter in a lively festive background. Undoubtedly the most original greeting card of the Internet.

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