Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Youvea exceeds the 2000 videos produced per day

The launching of Youvea was very slow in 2008. The sales accelerated a little after the launching of version 2 (july 2009) and version 3 of the service in September 2009 (with the travelling effects).

The white label offer has for the moment a limited success (6 customers use this service). Our API services truly launched Youvea, with a production multiplied by 5 since January 1st. Over the first 25 days of May, we exceed the 2000 videos per day!
And it's not finished, as 2 great real estate sites are integrating our offer.

What makes the difference compared to the competitors ?
a) The voice,
b) The multicasting with management of the life cycle of the broadcast(we are for the moment the alone service including this offer in the world),
c) 6 differents langages, English accounting for only 2% of our productions (perhaps because of the lack of marketing)

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